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19 Nov 2015

If you've ever played poker for a hobby and really enjoyed it, then you will have romantic notions of playing poker online for a living. In truth, it can be done but there is no such thing as a quick buck.

In case you are thinking of playing poker online for a living because you think that it is simple and you have ideas of creating thousands within the first week, then you might find yourself disappointed and also the first person in line in the job centre come Monday morning.
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You have to approach online poker with the appropriate expectations. It takes a great deal of work to get to the point where you can quit your day job and use your poker winnings to spend the bills

Therefore, you should be expecting to spend lots of time in front of the computer and you need to be expecting to work difficult. If you are thinking that it'll be easy, then you will fail.


There's a chance you're reading this and you might be turning over that you have played poker in casinos for decades and you should be able to jump into online poker and start earning a living immediately.

However, it's not the case. For example, should you play Texas Hold'em Poker in regular casinos, it is kind of a different game when you play online. The typical rules are the same but there are a few major differences, including:
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- Speed

- Time for it to make decisions

- You don't see the other player, so it will be difficult to notice their tells

- Multiple tables and get ins

- Banter and distractions


A single coupon this but you can use a lot of distractions when playing on-line poker. In the casino, chatting with players might distract as well as they might be goading you into building a mistake.

In on-line poker, other players can give you instant messages but you don't need to read them. Other things will distract you though. You might have the television on in private, or you could be playing music. Try not to have this happen because if you are dependent upon making money, playing poker, to pay for your rent, then being depressed by a TV has massive connotations.


Say for instance, that you started playing poker online, last Sunday so you got lucky; you had a massive win. You should not walk into work immediately and quit your work for playing online poker. There isn't the experience yet, while you did win.

You should only quit your work after you have at least a years importance of experience under your built. This means winning experience. When you have played for a year and consistently lost don't consider a career with the poker tables.

No Deposit Casinos

You should think about starting on no deposit casinos, where one can play with as much or as little as you want without the casino putting restrictions on what much your can deposit initially.


One of the primary benefits of playing poker on the web is that you can use tracking software to analyse your game. This is perfectly within your rights and you will assume that other players are tracking their games as well.

This is not against the law because you are not using the tracking software to vary the game. You are just analysing they and your responses to every one card.


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